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The John Brown University Department of Teacher Education seeks and prepares teacher candidates to teach in public, private, or Christian schools and to develop educators who are skilled professionals and reflective decision-makers exhibiting Christ-like characteristics in their professional and personal lives.

As an education major, you'll receive a strong educational base from faculty members who are themselves experienced teachers. You'll spend hours in actual classrooms getting first-hand experience with the students you want to teach. 

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The Department of Teacher Education offers degrees that qualify students for an Arkansas Teaching License in Elementary, (K-6), Secondary Education: Mathematics, English and Social Studies (7-12), and Music Education, K-12. 

JBU's education preparation programs are accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) http://caepnet.org, (202) 223-0077.


The University's Education Program is significantly enhanced through an active partnership of shared decision making with the Siloam Springs Public Schools and the community. 

The professional development school partnership provides for the simultaneous renewal of both the programs for the preparation of teachers and the K-12 programs of the school district. 

Beginning in their freshman year, teacher candidates actively participate in K-12 classrooms of the school district providing valuable assistance to district K-12 programs. 

At the same time, experienced teachers in the schools serve as clinical faculty providing important practical experiences and instruction for the JBU teacher candidates.

Transfer Students

The credentials of students transferring from an accredited college or university will be evaluated by the Registrar and an adviser in the Department of Teacher Education for appropriate placement in the Education Program.

We welcome all transfer students who want to join us in their development as teachers. Because each transfer situation is unique, please contact the Department of Teacher Education to speak to someone at 479-524-7449 or email us at mwillis@jbu.edu.

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