Shelter Competition

Students designing creative solutions for disaster relief shelters

The 2020 Disaster Shelter Competition will focus on the initial phases of disaster response – "emergency” shelters and “transitional” shelters sustainable for 1-3 years. The Competition design scenario for 2020 is to provide transitional (or core) shelter for individuals who lost their homes in Mozambique during the March 2019 Cyclone Idai. Due to the high winds and rainfall inland during the storm as well as the rain after the cyclone, flooding caused huge issues with transportation, making many roads impassable. The cyclone resulted in damage to 90% of properties in some areas and utilities were also badly damaged. In Mozambique, approximately 602 people died and over 1,600 were injured.

More specifics about the scenario can be found under the design guidelines tab.

2019 Winners

1st Place     LeTourneau University
2nd Place    Dordt College
3rd Place     John Brown University