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Fall 2020 Guatemala: Business and Cultural Program

(3 Credit Hours)


Guatemala Photo Gallery


Guatemala City, Guatemala (and surrounding area)

Travel Dates

September 19-27, 2020

Class Meeting Dates

Tuesday Evenings: Fall A 2020

Total Cost

$4,130 (includes tuition + $130 non-refundable administrative fee)


This course focuses on logistics and supply chain management from the perspective of Central American businesses. There are required class meetings before and after the travel component for preparation, research, orientation, and final sharing and presentations. These class meetings may be attended in person (NWA residents) or online. Using Li & Fung’s end-to-end supply chain model, students will have the opportunity to understand global supply chains from raw materials sourced in Central America and elsewhere to final products sold in the USA and other markets. In addition, students will be exposed to regional economics and trade, as well as to culture and society of Guatemala. During the travel component, students will participate in a variety of experiences ranging from corporate tours to political interviews and cultural immersions. The program will be based in Guatemala City, the capital of the country, but will also include sites in nearby cities.

Cost includes

  • Airfare
  • Lodging
  • Some meals
  • All transportation
  • Travel insurance

Trip Highlights

  • Walmart Centroamerica/Mexico Distribution Center (Villa Nueva). Visit at least three of the four Walmart formats in Guatemala.
  • Agencias Way Corporate Office (Guatemala City) and Distribution Center (Villa Nueva). Visit at least one retail store.
  • S. Embassy (Guatemala City). Visit includes presentations by economists from the Trade Section of the Embassy.
  • Li & Fung (Guatemala City). Spend a day at the Li & Fung corporate office talking through a variety of supply chain, sourcing, and compliance issues. The day ends with a visit to a partner manufacturing firm.
  • Finca Filadelfia (Antigua). Tour a coffee farm to understand the coffee supply chain from the seedling forward.
  • Political visit. Past visits have included President Alvaro Arzú, Vice President Rafael Espada, and the Rose Ceremony at the National Palace.

Course Offered

BUS 8263 – International Business Practicum
Team Size:
 6-10 students
Professor: Dr. Joe Walenciak

Deadline to Submit Application

Monday, March 2, 2020

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For More Information, Contact:

Wendy Bailey
Graduate Business at John Brown University