Mr. Scott McCollum

Faculty Directory

Mr. Scott McCollum

Adjunct Instructor, Graduate Business
Director of Planning, Walmart Stores, Inc.

M.S., University of Arkansas
B.S., University of Arkansas


Scott McCollum is the Director of Planning for Walmart Stores, Inc. where he has been for 18 years.  His over 20 years of work experience includes retail experience, finance, store operations, pricing, planning and merchandising.  He also helped form the pricing team for the grocery division at Walmart.

As a result of being in the business world for so many years, Scott has had the opportunity to be involved with numerous case study examples and he believes those examples allow his students to learn the concepts we are trying to teach through application.

Scott teaches for JBU because it gives him the opportunity to give back to the students and to continue to develop himself in his field of study. He loves helping others achieve and strive for excellence in all parts of their lives.  He also enjoys the ability to bring Christ into my classroom in our discussions.



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