Mrs. Tonya Suarez

Faculty Directory

Mrs. Tonya Suarez

Assistant Professor of Business and Accounting

M.S., University of Arkansas
B.S., John Brown University

Mrs. Suarez serves as an instructor in the JBU Business Division. While concentrating in the accounting curriculum she also assists with other business courses in the division. Prior to coming to John Brown as a full time instructor, she worked as an adjunct faculty member while also working in both the public, private and international accounting sectors.

Mrs. Suarez brings to JBU a great deal of accounting experience as a result of various opportunities to practice accounting before she arrived at JBU  In her first job at Arthur Anderson, she experienced the collapse of Enron and its impact on the world. She then moved on to private accounting and then overseas for international accounting. Sharing these real-world experiences in class helps bring the textbook to life and show students the applicability to what they are learning.

Mrs. Suarez considers comments like "I was able to use all that I learned in your class when I went to work" as highlights of her teaching experience. She feels called to be a teacher and she chose JBU specifically because it allows her to share her faith and help others see that they, too, can be a light for Christ in whatever work they may do.

Mrs. Suarez met her husband, Federico, when they were both students at JBU  Now, they have three daughters. When she is not in the office she can be found spending time with them as well as exercising and gathering with friends. She is a hard worker and very dedicated to what she does. Her goal as an instructor is to not only assist her students in gaining a skill set in the material at hand but also in preparing them for the business world and allowing them to see how they can be servant leaders in the business environment.



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