Will a business degree prepare you for the "real world"?

How to set yourself apart in corporate America

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Business Meeting

In today’s global economy, it’s vital that business education go beyond the traditional study of economics, accounting, finance and marketing. To set yourself apart in corporate America, you also need to be able to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with diverse groups of people. 

If you’re considering a business degree, search for a university that integrates “soft skills” like problem solving, strategic leadership, critical thinking and ethical decision making along with a solid foundation of business core coursework. Not only will you receive a more well rounded education, you’ll be better prepared to enter the workforce and make an immediate impact on your organization.

Because the “real world” often means you’re earning your degree while you’re already working, many B Schools offer classes outside of the traditional schedule. At John Brown University, our MBA, MS in Leadership and Ethics, and bachelor’s degree completion programs in Organizational Management and Business Administration are offered online or in the evening, so you can continue to gain valuable professional experience while completing your degree.


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