Friday, October 31, 2014

Ethical Leadership ForumWhat do a local entrepreneur, a transportation CEO, and a head football coach all have in common? Besides experiencing great success in their respective leadership roles, Greenwood head football coach Rick Jones, ArcBest CEO Judy McReynolds, and business owner Steve Clark teamed up with Community Bible's lead teaching pastor, Kevin Thompson, for an ethical leadership roundtable in Fort Smith this week.

In celebration of John Brown University's 15th anniversary of the Master of Science in Leadership and Ethics program, these four community leaders gathered together and spent a solid 90 minutes talking about the importance of ethical leadership. In response to the questions from the audience – which were submitted via text message to the moderator – the leaders highlighted a few key points: being an example in the workplace, enlisting mentors with whom you have regular contact, valuing the contributions of team members, and continuing to learn no matter how successful a leader becomes in the world of work.

Notable quotes:

  • "Leaders are constantly pursuing healthy perspective. Without a healthy stream of perspective, you are going to be limited in the decisions you make. Listening is an important part of that process." -Steve Clark

  • "A big part of what we try to do is an intentional approach with each kid in terms of building character." -Rick Jones, Head Coach, Greenwood High School

  • "There are people who talk about doing things and then there are people who do them" -Steve Clark, Entrepreneur

  • On the standard he sets for himself as head coach: "They need to see Jesus in me."  -Rick Jones

  • On what motivates her to lead her organization: "Our people are worth it." -Judy McReynolds, CEO ArcBest

  • "Lift your head up, pay attention, find someone who you can have coffee with – it will make you better." -Steve Clark


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