Photo: Science Facilities

Science Facilities

Bell Science Hall was built in 2002 and is home to the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.  Named in honor of William H. Bell, a JBU trustee from 1971 to 1988, this modern facility is designed with spaces to provide a hands-on-learning experience for each major.

Bell Science Hall features a General Biology Lab, an Anatomy & Physiology Lab, an Advanced Biology Lab, a Tissue Culture Lab, a Radioisotope Lab, 2 Biology Prep Rooms, 3 Research Labs, an Equipment Room, a Greenhouse and an Animal Care Facility. Also included in the building are an Instrumentation Lab, a General Chemistry Lab, an Organic Chemistry Lab, and Advanced Chemistry Lab, a Chemistry Project Room and a Chemical Stockroom.

The four classrooms at Bell Science Hall are ideal for instruction. The larger classrooms have been furnished with Node student desks which allow for a flexible classroom plan.  One of the larger classrooms will include SMART Board technology.

Bell Science Hall also has a Student Computer Room with two student Student Study Area - Bell Science Hallcomputers, wireless printer, study table with chairs and two lounge chairs.  With a large whiteboard, a table with eight chairs, a microwave oven and a refrigerator, a large alcove area has become the Student Study Area.

The downstairs and upstairs lobby are furnished as spaces for students to study, relax and connect together. Students find that Bell can be a great place to study, as well as socialize.

This building is dedicated to the glory of God and to the pursuit of scientific understanding through the integration of faith and learning.

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