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STEM Programs

Through hands-on laboratory experience, research opportunities, personalized attention from faculty and courses with passionate, knowledgeable professors, students are prepared to be excellent in their pursuits post-graduation.

4+1 = your master's degree

Go farther, faster! At JBU, our Accelerated Master's Program lets you finish your undergraduate degree and your master's degree in just five years — saving you money and setting you up for even more success.

Facilities & tools of the trade

Bell Science Hall was built in 2002 and is home to the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Named in honor of William H. Bell, a JBU trustee from 1971-1988, this modern facility is designed with spaces to provide a hands-on learning experience for each major, including an advanced biology lab, animal care facility & darkroom, equipment room, greenhouse, tissue culture lab, research lab and radioisotope lab.

The Balzer Technology Center, which opened in 2018, is a 40,000-square-foot facility that houses John Brown University’s growing engineering, construction management and renewable energy programs. The building has approximately 25,000 square feet of classroom and office space with another 15,000 square feet of laboratory space.

The Peer-Andrus Studio and Project Barn, which also opened in 2018, is a 16,800-square-foot facility that provides essential studio and project space for art and engineering students. The engineering section includes one large project area with 17 flexible workstations for engineering students.

Wanting an advanced degree?

The Pre-Health Professions Program (PHPP) guides, equips and encourages you in pursuing acceptance to professional school and a career in the health professions.

Receive comprehensive personal evaluations

The PHPP provides a written evaluation to students in the spring of their sophomore year that summarizes their strengths and "growth opportunities" and makes concrete suggestions for how they can improve their competitiveness for medical school or other professional schools of interest.

Craft career-specific timetables

The PHPP provides career-specific timetables for what students need to accomplish during each semester at JBU to prepare for applying to professional school.

Attend informational workshops

Numerous workshops are provided to assist students in preparing for various aspects of the professional school application process.

Participate in career shadowing

Students have the opportunity to “job shadow” health care providers in their career field of interest.

Complete mock interviews

Students who are granted interviews at professional schools have the opportunity to participate in a mock interview with JBU faculty to enhance their interview preparedness.

Enjoy a high success rate

Approximately 75-80% of students who complete the program and apply to professional school are accepted the first time. The acceptance rate approaches 100% for students who reapply the following year.

Chemistry in Head, Heart and Hand

Chemistry in Head, Heart and Hand (Or, as we call it, CH3) is an extra-academic program designed for students who wish to connect the lab to the world.

To participate, students must submit a project proposal detailing plans to apply the sciences to real-world contexts within each of the three categories: Head, Heart and Hand. Students' CH3 projects will be supervised by chemistry faculty to encourage students to consider scientific ideas within new contexts, become effective and passionate science professionals, develop a vision for lifelong learning, and practice linking academic understanding to conviction with action.

Completion of the program will be denoted on students' transcripts as well as with a cord upon graduation.

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