Pre-Health Professions Program

Study pre-health • Prepare for medical school • Make an impact

What to expect in the Pre-Health Professions Program at JBU

The Pre-Health Professions Program (PHPP) guides, equips and encourages you in pursuing acceptance to professional school and a career in the health professions.

Receive comprehensive personal evaluations

The PHPP provides a written evaluation to students in the spring of their sophomore year that summarizes their strengths and "growth opportunities" and makes concrete suggestions for how they can improve their competitiveness for medical school or other professional schools of interest.

Craft career-specific timetables

The PHPP provides career-specific timetables for what students need to accomplish during each semester at JBU to prepare for applying to professional school.

Attend informational workshops

Numerous workshops are provided to assist students in preparing for various aspects of the professional school application process.

Participate in career shadowing

Students have the opportunity to "job shadow" health care providers in their career field of interest.

Mock interviews

Students who are granted interviews at professional schools have the opportunity to participate in a mock interview with JBU faculty to enhance their interview preparedness.

Enjoy a high success rate

Approximately 75-80% of students who complete the program and apply to professional school are accepted the first time. The acceptance rate approaches 100% for students who reapply the following year.

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Dr. Joel Funk

Assoc. Prof. of Biology, Chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee


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