The Division of Natural  Science at John Brown University offers students a strong foundation in fundamental scientific concepts in the following fields of study:  Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

Through hands-on laboratory experience, research opportunities and personalized attention from faculty, students are thoroughly prepared for a career in their chosen field or graduate study. John Brown University offers students unique opportunities at the undergraduate level, including the use of some of the latest laboratory technology and experience in the cadaver lab.

Majors/Minors in this discipline:

The Natural Science Division desires to help students integrate their faith with what they are learning in the classroom. Students are prepared to be excellent in their thinking, excel in their careers and honor God in their service.

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Christian Discourses in Science and Mathematics Series

On November 9th, 2017 the Natural Science Division hosted its third lecture in Christian Discourses in Science and Mathematics. In his lecture, “All Creatures Great and Small: The Invisible World of the Human Microbiome,” Dr. Joel Funk, Associate Professor of Biology at John Brown University, gave a broad survey of our current understanding of the thousands of species of microscopic organisms that live on and in our bodies; organism that can affect our health and well-being in either positive or negative ways.