Walker Hall

Walker Hall was built in 2001 with JBU's head, heart and hand model in mind. It is connected by a hallway to the Walker Student Center, which houses many departments, including Student Development, a few classrooms, and the California Cafe.

Walker is home to 166 men and women of all classes. Those who live here enjoy its central location on campus and its scenic views from many of the windows. Residents also love the suite-style rooms. Every two rooms share a bathroom, so it is convenient and fun to get to know the people in each adjoining room, as well as individuals who live down the hall. Residents enjoy three large lounges, computer rooms on each level, a ping-pong table, a foosball table, and a piano, as well as laundry facilities on each wing and two kitchens. Six handicap accessible rooms available.

Each room in Walker is furnished with two beds, two desks and chairs, two dressers, and closet space.

Walker Hall Tour

The building set-up includes three floors with two wings separated by a lounge on each floor. These wings, referred to as "halls" by residents, have been distinctively named to promote floor unity and creativity. The men of Walker live on Summit and North Face, while the women live on Koinonia, Foundation, Legacy, and Sojourn.

The residents of Walker enjoy building relationships with one another through planned hall programs and all-dorm activities. The Walker experience is one that includes encouragement, fun, and community.

Floor Plans

Koinonia / Foundation
Legacy / Sojourn
Summit / North Face

Room Dimensions