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JBU's residence life staff are here to help guide on-campus students through the next four years of their lives. They provide everything from practical day-to-day oversight to spiritual mentoring.

Dean of Residence Life

The dean of residence life manages all aspects of undergraduate residence life, including supervision of hall staff, hall programming, housing processes, communication of community expectations, management of the campus conduct process and student activities.

Resident Directors

Each residence hall has a resident director (RD) that lives in the hall for which they are responsible. With experience in counseling and related areas, these live-in role models are readily available resources for assisting students in their growth and development.

Assistant Resident Director

Under each RD is a student assistant resident director (ARD) role. He or she is responsible for overseeing the residents' and the resident assistants' needs. The ARD participates in the residence hall association, assists the RD and is responsible for various office procedures.

Resident Assistants

Resident assistants (RAs) are students who go through an extensive selection process, demonstrate commitment to service, and are trained in helping skills. RAs are students' key link to the university and its resources. The RAs provide feedback to the RD concerning problem areas within the residence halls.

Residence Hall Association

Each residence hall has a hall government known as Residence Hall Association (RHA). The officers are students who are elected by the residents of each building at the end of each school year. The council is responsible for providing a variety of programs throughout the year, such as social gatherings, recreational events, and educational programs.

Dean of Residence Life

Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Resident Directors

Hannah Pilcher
Upper Division Housing
(Walker Hall and Sheridan Townhouses)

Anna Lang
Hutcheson Hall

Sarah Cordle
Mayfield Hall

Spencer Patterson
J. Alvin Hall