J. Alvin Brown Hall Tour

Named after the founder's brother, J. Alvin has 14 suites, each consisting of six to eight resident rooms, a community bathroom and a shared living room area. This structure creates an excellent dynamic for building friendships. In total, J. Alvin houses 204 male students. All rooms, except for eight singles and 18 triples, are double occupancy.

J. Alvin is known for its sizeable multi-purpose atrium that hosts university events throughout the year and its very own climbing wall.

It also has two computer labs, a study room, several study areas with whiteboards, a TV lounge/area, a large projector and screen to watch the big game, a kitchen and dining area, a prayer room, and a private weight room where residents can work-out.

Each room in J. Alvin is furnished with two beds, two desks with chairs, two dressers, and closet space.