Live on campus.

Make friends. Find support. Belong in community.

Living in a residence hall accelerates your integration into JBU's campus community. Your friends will challenge you, make you laugh and help you grow your faith. Residence life is where you experience the full depth of the JBU community.

Which residence hall is right for you?


Hutcheson Hall

Male & female students (divided by floor)

Freshman - seniors

Variety of room/bathroom configurations

Common areas on each hall

Sand volleyball courts

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J. Alvin Brown Hall

Male students

Freshman - seniors

Suite-style living with 14 common rooms

Rock climbing wall

Weightlifting room

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Mayfield Hall

Female students

Freshman - seniors

Hall-style living with 3 common rooms

Sinks in each room

Exercise room

Patio fire pit

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Walker Hall

Male & female students (divided by floor)

Mainly sophomores - seniors

2 rooms with shared bathroom configuration

3 common areas

Central to campus activities

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Sheridan Townhouses

Juniors & seniors only

Duplex unit - each side houses 8 students in 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living/dining area and a full kitchen

On-campus convenience

More independent living

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Northslope & West Twin Apartments

Married, graduate and undergraduates who qualify to live off-campus

Units have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (or one bedroom, one bath at Northslope), a living room and a kitchen

Northslope has in-unit laundry, West Twins has a public laundry room

Northslope has on-campus convenience

West Twin is less than a mile from campus

What if I want to live off-campus?

Because we believe, and research supports, that the residential experience is a vital part of your holistic head-heart-hand development, JBU requires students live on-campus for at least six semesters.

There are exceptions if you are 22 or older by the first day of classes, married, living with parents or an approved full-time staff or faculty member, or enrolled in less than 12 hours.

JBU offers some off-campus housing for seniors. More information can be found on Eaglenet.