An important part of the college program, and the residence hall program in particular, is the Residence Life staff. These are trained professional and para-professional men and women whose objective is to facilitate growth and development of students in all areas of their lives.


The Dean of Residence Life and the Resident Directors all work together at various levels in Residence Life. They are responsible for the total administration, operation, and leadership of the student staff within the residence halls.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Dean of Residence Life
(479) 524-7344

Assistant Resident Directors

Under each Resident Director is a student who assumes the role of Assistant Resident Director (ARD). He or she is directly responsible for overseeing the needs of the residents and the Resident Assistants. The Assistant Resident Director also participates in the Residence Hall Association, assists the Resident Director, and is responsible for various office procedures.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) are students who go through an extensive, competitive selection process, have demonstrated commitment to service, and are trained in helping skills. They also work as information sources and communicators between the institution and the students within the residence hall. The RAs provide feedback to the Resident Director concerning problem areas within the residence halls. RAs are your key link to the university and its resources, and they should receive the same respect as a faculty and staff members. They are part of the Student Development staff, and each one is responsible for an area of the hall.

Resident Assistants in each hall rotate nightly hall duty (7 p.m. to midnight on Sunday through Thursday, and 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday). The name of the person on duty is posted in a central location in the hall. Feel free to ask the RA on Duty for any assistance you need.

Residence Hall Association

Each residence hall has a hall government known as Residence Hall Association (RHA). The officers are students who are elected by the residents of each building at the end of each school year. The council is responsible for providing a variety of programs throughout the year, such as social gatherings, recreational events, and educational programs.