Major in Music Education

Learn how to teach • Observe real music lessons •Teach confidently

Learn how to educate the fundamentals of music.

In the music education major, you will learn foundational history and principles of music and how to teach them to students. Students have numerous opportunities to observe and teach in classrooms alongside mentor teachers, giving you the experience you need to succeed.

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Learn and grow

Students spend a lot of time observing and teaching alongside teachers so that students are confident in classroom management and lesson planning.

Create beauty

JBU has many music groups you can join to hone your own music skill, including choral ensembles, orchestral and jazz ensembles, and more.

Change the world

Students get hands-on learning across grades K-12, have a chance to create and deliver lessons in real K-12 classrooms and will finish the degree with a K-12 professional certificate.

Become an inspiring music educator at JBU.

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What to expect as a music education student at JBU


Enjoy fantastic facilities

Students have access to labs, practice rooms and performance areas in the Berry Performing Arts Center.


More time spent teaching

JBU students often teach double the amount of time that other student teachers do. Mentor teachers trust that JBU students’ education has prepared them to handle their classroom.


Join national clubs

Meet and learn from fellow music educators across the nation through clubs like NAfME (National Association for Music Education).

What can you do with a music education degree?

Students at JBU will graduate feeling equipped to launch themselves no matter what career path they want to pursue.

Choral teacher

Schools, music groups and activity/education centers often seek out people who not only know music but also know how to teach music.

Music therapist

Grad school is required to become a music therapist, and many hospitals, schools, retirement homes, therapy centers, teen outreach and mental institutions seek out music therapists.

Graduate school

Many graduates choose to pursue a degree in higher education to teach collegiate coursework in education.



The future you starts at JBU.

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