Sager Creek Mountain Bike Trail

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The Sager Creek Mountain Bike Trail on the campus of John Brown University is a five-mile soft-surface trail that runs along Sager Creek.

The trail covers terrain of various elevations around JBU’s main campus and has been designed as a gateway trail to be enjoyed by riders of various skill levels.

The South Loop trail, ranked as a Blue level (intermediate level) course and measuring 1.8 miles, encompasses a flow trail — a downhill trail with multiple banks and fast jumps.

The North Loop trail, ranked as a Green level (beginner) course, measures 3.3 miles. The Connector is a .8 mile trail that connects the North and South loop.

A 1.1 mile Strider trail that follows the path of the Dogwood Springs trail gives children priority as they learn to mountain bike.

Walkers/runners who want to enjoy the beauty of JBU’s campus and Siloam Springs can use the paved Dogwood Springs trail or the JBU Cross Country trail.

The main entry to the Sager Creek Mountain Bike Trail is located on W. Valley Drive near the JBU tennis courts on the north side of campus.

The trail is one of several initiatives to develop a broader cycling community in Northwest Arkansas. This project was made possible through the generosity of the Walton Family Foundation and Simmons Foods.

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To download a map of the Sager Creek Trails, click here.

aerial view of Siloam Springs and the bike trails