Group Power

Cardio & Weights

Group Power

Group Power provides excellent cardio and strength-training using adjustable barbells, weight plates, and body weight.  Combining traditional strength exercises with the hottest functional training moves, Group Power is guaranteed to make you stronger and more fit.  High-rep training, athletic movements, and a periodized training approach create a results-driven workout that challenges all of your major muscle groups as you learn to safely and effectively perform squats, presses, lifts and curls, etc..  Add dynamic and motivational music and it is the most fun you’ll have strength training,  Works on core strength as a major component to support all movement. 

Level:  Beginner to intermediate

Class Schedule:

Classes are one hour in length with the exception of classes offered over the noon hour, which are only 45 minutes long.  COVID-19 Phase 1 restrictions:  class size is limited to 6 people; contact instructor directly to secure spot.

  • Tuesday & Thursday
    6:00am, 8:20am Noon and 5:00pm
  • Friday

Group Power is held in the McKee Foods Fitness Classroom.


  • 1 Hour Classes
    $2 per class for JBU students**
    $3 per class for JBU employees and WLHC members**
    $4 per class for community members**
  • 45 Minutes Noon Classes
    $1 per class paid directly to the instructor

**Price based on purchase of a multi-session card.  Cards can be purchased from the instructor for 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16 sessions.  Cards expire 30 days from the date of purchase.  One hour classes are $5 per class without a multi-session card.


Contact us at at 479-524-7303.

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