Group Centergy

Pilates & Stretching

Group Centergy

Group Centergy is an athletic mind-body program including fundamentals from yoga and Pilates set to motivating music for a great full-body workout.  It is a perfect way to improve balance, mobility, flexibility, and strength.  It puts back all that we take out and really centers your energy.  It’s ideal to be your workout of choice or to add to your current workouts to reinvigorate the mind and body.  Improves range of movement for the joints as well as strengthening the core muscles and regaining flexibility in the muscles and ligaments. 

Bring your own mat or use one of the mats provided.

Level:  Beginner to intermediate

Class Schedule:

Classes are one hour in length with the exception of classes offered over the noon hour, which are only 45 minutes long.  COVID-19 Phase 1 Restrictions:  class size is limited to 6 people; please contact instructor directly to secure your spot.

  • Monday
    8:20am, 12:15pm and 5:00pm
  • Wednesday
    8:20am and 12:15pm

Group Centergy is held in the McKee Foods Fitness Classroom.


  • 1 Hour Classes:
    $2 per class for JBU students**
    $3 per class for JBU employees and WLHC members**
    $4 per class for community members**
  • 45 Minute Noon Classes:
    $1 per class paid directly to the instructor

**Price based on purchase of a multi-session card.  Cards can be purchased from the instructor for 4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 sessions.  Cards expire 30 days from the date of purchase.  One-hour classes are $5 per class without a multi-session card.


Contact us at at 479-524-7303.

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