Soderquist College of Business

Building Tomorrow's Leaders

College of Business Vision Statement

We desire to be nationally recognized as a leader in Christian higher education in business through the accomplishments of our students, our contributions to the academy and industry, and our impact on the world.

Soderquist College of Business Mission Statement

We provide challenging, practical business education from a Christian perspective, equipping students to succeed in their lifework and impact their world.

College of Business Core Values 

  • Christian Faith: We are committed to John Brown University Articles of Faith.
  • Relationships: We value our relationship with God which guides collaboration, respect, and trust among all.
  • Teaching and Learning: We are passionate about excellence in teaching and lifelong learning.
  • Global Focus: We value global perspectives and experiences that stretch our understanding of business and provide opportunities to impact the world.
  • Intellectual Curiosity: We value an active, investigative pursuit of knowledge.
  • Gratitude: We promote a culture of being thankful to God and each other.

College of Business Events

The College of Business occasionally hosts events for our students, faculty and colleagues as a way to bring more awareness to the multi-faceted field of business.  Upcoming events are announced in Blackboard (JBU's online tool used for creating and conducting classes) in The Board Room and Graduate Business Boardroom "courses" in which all students are enrolled.