JBU Virtual Homecoming 2020
Wednesday, September 30 - Saturday, October 3


Wednesday Event

7 p.m. - "Worship Through Art: A How To Lesson" with guest speaker, Keri Sallee

Keri is the owner of "The Creative Life" Studios and Signature Designer/Faith Impressions at Gel Press - Printmaking Art Products. During this event, she will demonstrate how to create three cards to keep or share with others using everyday items around the house. 

Truth Cards... What are they?

Whatever you want them to be! Truth cards are meant to be a small reminder of what God is speaking to you. It could be scriptures, quotes, song lyrics. They can be as simple as words on a card or they can be mini works of HeArt. The point is to creatively spend time meditating on God's Word and what He is speaking to you. 

Here is a sample list of some supplies that you could possibly use:

*Something for a base - like index cards, playing cards, or even cut up cardboard (cereal boxes work great!)
*Decorative Paper, Newspaper, Magazines or even printed pictures from the internet
*Some type of glue
*Plain Paper to Write on
*Craft Paint
*a list of scriptures, quotes, etc. that are speaking to you right now

Thursday Event

7 p.m. - Bible Study with Dr. Lou Cha

Exploring Psalms 77:1-20 "A Psalm of Remembrance" 

7:30 p.m. - "Mental Health During a Pandemic" with Dr. Michelle Satterlee

Every piece of COVID-related research suggests that COVID and the national adjustments have taken a toll on our cognitive, emotional, and social functioning. How can we understand this impact and find practical means of adapting effectively? We will spend a few minutes reviewing the broad COVID picture as it relates to mental health and our optimal capacities, and then we will explore a few practical tools for meaningful coping and adaptation.

8 p.m. - "The Sacred Year" with Dr. Daniel Bennett and Dr. Trisha Posey

What are spiritual practices, why are they important for our students, and why are they important for us? Dr. Posey and Dr. Bennett reflect on teaching their Gateway students about spiritual practices and disciplines through books like Michael Yankoski's The Sacred Year.

Friday Event

7 p.m. - JBU Trivia Night with Marikit Fain and Rachel Maxson

Brush up on your JBU history and join Marikit and Rachel for a competitive stroll down memory lane. Compete for prizes, bragging rights, and your very own place in JBU history as the 2020 Trivia Champion. (A secondary phone/tablet are recommended to play, but not required.)

Saturday Event

9 a.m. - Alumni Address with President Chip Pollard

Grab some coffee, eggs, and bacon and have breakfast with the President. Don't miss the Alumni Awards!

Virtual Campus Tour

Directly following the President's Address, there will be a FaceBook LIVE Campus Tour with Director of Alumni, Brad Edwards. Join the JBU Alumni group page at www.facebook.com/groups/jbualumni for viewing.

JBU Homecoming Virtual 5K

Register for Homecoming and the 5k together.

Whether you want to walk, run, jog, swim, bike, or nap for 5K seconds, we want you to participate in this first ever JBU Homecoming Virtual 5K!

Here's the deal: Register now, take a picture of your 5K and send it in a reply to this email, then receive a free t-shirt in the mail! That's it! The best part? Your total fee of $25 will go toward need-based scholarships and work-study employment for JBU students. 


All proceeds benefitting:
JBU Scholarship Fund

Thank you!


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