Students in the Natural Science Division have the opportunity to work alongside professors in ongoing research projects on a wide variety of topics. Participating in a research project enables students to practically apply classroom concepts, develop their creativity and analytical thinking, gain hands-on experience with scientific equipment, and learn how to present research results to the scientific community. Research experience will help students gain entrance to professional programs and prepare students in their career of choice.

Current Research Projects

Dr. Brian Greuel is currently conducting research on the regulation of a gene called the myelin proteolipid protein gene that is essential for the normal function of the myelin sheath in the central nervous system.

Dr. Tim Wakefield is currently conducting research on stream ecology, assessing the health of the wade-able streams in the area around John Brown University.

Dr. Jill Ellenbarger is involved in an ongoing research project to develop molecules that undergo a distinct color change to selectively identify the presence of several of the most prevalent, hazardous negatively-charged contaminants. Much like a single key is able to fit into a specific lock, we seek to develop urea-based compounds that are complementary to specific anions of interest. Research students are mentored by Dr. Ellenbarger as they tackle specific challenges with a variety of computational chemistry tools.

Dr. Susan Newton is involved in an ongoing renewable energy research project. The project has the potential to significantly reduce local, nationwide, and global resource use and engage the local community in development and maintenance of the project.