General Studies

Effective communicator • Critical thinker • Creative problem-solver

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Your job should be invigorating. Earn a bachelor's in General Studies and set yourself up to explore a new career.


Ready to move to a job that's more exciting and gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment. With a bachelor's degree in General Studies, you can set yourself apart for a promotion or explore new opportunities that require a degree.

At JBU, we understand you're busy and want the quickest path possible to a degree. Our General Studies degree enables you to maximize your transfer credit and graduate sooner, taking classes online on a schedule that fits your life.


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As a general studies student at JBU, you will study a wide range of subjects, like philosophy, communication, and literature. This broad exposure will help you become a well-rounded person who can connect ideas, solve problems, and communicate effectively.

Land a great job

After earning your degree, land a great job or get a promotion. 95% of online undergrad students landed* within 6 months of graduation, according to a survey conducted by the JBU Career Development Center for 2018-2019 graduates. 

*landed: employed, grad school, volunteer, or military

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Benefits of JBU's General Studies program


Transfer more credit into this program, reducing the amount of time to finish your degree.

Complete your coursework on your schedule through JBU's flexible, fully online program.

Receive one-on-one support from professors through smaller class sizes.

Gain expertise from professors with real-life experience. 

Graduate feeling equipped to honor God and serve others by studying various subjects from a biblical worldview.

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Considering Grad School? 


Maximize your return on investment and get a head start on your graduate degree. You can earn up to 12 credit hours of graduate classes and apply it to both your undergrad and graduate degrees. 

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