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Learn how people think and act.

You'll be working with people no matter what industry you work in or what your profession is. JBU's online Bachelor of Science in Psychology will help you communicate effectively and understand human behavior.

In our program, you will study the science, language, literature and principles of psychology while considering the relationship between psychology and biblical truth. Whether you hope to become a counselor, manage a team or market a new product, understanding human behavior is critical to communicating effectively and reaching your full potential in whatever profession you choose.

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Develop your mindset

Students majoring in psychology learn to think critically, write effectively and understand the big picture of why and how people think and act the way they do. JBU encourages students to integrate the science of psychology with their faith and theology.

Learn from anywhere

Because this program is fully online, you can strive towards your degree no matter where you are. This degree allows you the flexibility to work while you continue your education.

Pursue your career

After earning your degree, land a great job or get a promotion. According to a survey conducted by the JBU Career Development Center for 2022-23 graduates, 93% of online undergrad students landed within 6 months of graduation.*

*Landed: employed, grad school, volunteer, or military

4+2 = M.S. in Counseling

Stand out among job applicants and expand your marketability.

Go farther, faster! At JBU, our Accelerated Master's Program lets you finish your undergraduate psychology degree and your master's degree in counseling just six years (vs. seven) — saving you money and setting you up for even more success.

What to expect as a psychology major at JBU


Publish your research

Submit your capstone empirical research project for publication in the psychology department's online journal of undergraduate research: Initial Forays in Psychological Science.


Get field experience

You'll gain field experience through placements in a variety of off-campus organizations and ministries where you observe professionals in their fields.


Work with accessible professors

JBU’s psychology professors actively challenge you to consider the relationship between biblical truth and psychological truth through rigorous coursework and research projects.

I chose JBU online for many reasons. My first reason was that JBU offered my major: psychology. Second, the courses were online which, with a full-time job, being a mother and a wife, trying to make on-campus courses seemed impossible and, honestly, terrifying... I feel as though my degree has always helped me to understand others... Not only does my degree help in this regard, it allows me to understand how the brain functions.

Brittany Mangold '20


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