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Learn transferrable skills in 2 years.

An associate's degree provides students with basic technical skills, academic knowledge, and transferrable skills they need for employment or further study in their chosen field. JBU's fully online A.A. in General Education offers flexibility to students who want to earn their associate's degree, allowing them to work while they earn the degree. 

This program can be completed in 2 years or less, depending on transfer credit and course load.

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Gain versatile skills

With an associate of arts degree with a major in general education, you will take 48 hours of JBU's core curriculum, covering a wide range of topics that will prepare you vocationally no matter what field you end up in. 

Learn from anywhere

Because the program is entirely online, you can work toward your degree no matter where you are. In addition, this degree allows you the flexibility to work while you continue your education.

Graduate quickly

This degree can be completed in 2 years depending on transfer credit and whether you enroll as a full-time student. 

What to expect as a general education major at JBU


Learn from distinguished faculty

JBU's experienced and enlightened faculty are dedicated to giving you a specialized education no matter where you are earning your degree from. 


Choose your electives

Students are required to take up to 23 hours in electives, and they can choose from a variety of classes within each elective category in order to meet their degree's requirements. 


Earn your associate's degree

As a general education student at JBU, you will study a wide range of subjects, like humanities, communication and English, which will prepare you for a wide range of careers. 

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