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Become a musician • Combine music with other majors • Impact your community

Learn how to integrate music with your passions.

JBU's integrated music studies program enables you to pursue your passion for music alongside another academic field without compromising in either direction. 

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Study music and...

This degree program allows you to pursue your diverse interests without sacrificing your musical education or your training and career potential in another field.

Enjoy holistic education

The best kind of education is one that educates the whole person. With this program, you can expect to synthesize your learning across disciplines, be it computer science, pre-med, English or any other degree options at JBU.


Designed to be combined with most other majors/minors on campus and still be completed in 4 years, you will graduate with the necessary skills to succeed in music, your second major or a combination of the two.

What to expect as an integrated music studies student at JBU


Music excellence

This is a robust music degree. You'll perform, take lessons and participate fully in the life of the music department.


Benefit from scholarships

The music department is able to offer performance scholarships that “stack” with other types of aid, potentially allowing you to pursue your music interest while reducing your cost to attend JBU.


Receive a liberal arts foundation

Integrated music studies teaches a blend of philosophy, aesthetics and theology on top of musical studies of theory, music history, and musicianship.

What can you do with an integrated music studies degree?

Students with an integrated music studies major have the unique opportunity of finding careers that combine their interests or engage parts of their dual interests, setting them up to be able to work in many fields.

Multiple fields

Because you'll graduate with a major in music and the second major/minor of your choice, you'll be set up for success in any number of fields. Your interdisciplinary training, critical thinking skills and wide skill set will set you apart from other applicants as you move into the workforce or graduate school—this degree is more than the sum of its parts.


Your music degree will allow you to pursue a career in music; be it in industry, performance, or the academy. You will be prepared to succeed in music. If you strategically pair your degree with your choice of the second major, you will enter the job market with expertise to help you to succeed in any number of musical, creative and career settings in music.

Outside the music field

Because many JBU integrated music studies alumni pursued a double major, they are able to work in fields outside the music industry, such as pharmaceuticals--some are even medical doctors. Their musical training has helped them succeed in these fields because they have learned to think beyond their specific chosen career.


The degree is focused on deep engagement in multiple fields. As such, a synthesis in a career is a natural trajectory. Some possible options include music business, data analytics (think Spotify or Amazon Music), computer science (music software is a multibillion-dollar industry), music therapy, musical theater, and even songwriting.

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