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JBU Scholarship Fund

Invest in the lives of JBU students

Working for JBU Students

The JBU Scholarship Fund (JBUSF) makes a direct investment in the lives of students by making JBU more affordable through need-based scholarships and work-study jobs. One of JBU’s core values has always been to provide the highest quality education at the most affordable cost. Giving to the JBUSF ensures that 100 percent of the gift helps deserving students with financial aid. Approximately one-half of JBU students benefit from the JBUSF.

Generous support from alumni, parents and friends helps students receive the financial assistance they need to pursue a Christ-centered education at JBU. The current annual goal for the JBUSF is $800,000 - which will provide assistance to over 700 students.


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2017/2018 GOAL:

Help 548 Students
$800,000 By June 30, 2018


2017/2018 UPDATE:

$715,145 as of April 15, 2018


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