Estate and Planned Giving

Estate Giving

JBU has partnered with PhilanthroCorp to offer estate planning services to our alumni and friends.

Since 1997, PhilanthroCorp has worked with individuals to make sure their dreams and goals are accomplished through proper estate planning. They do not sell financial products or manage money, so nothing they do is intended to replace your current advisors. These services are available to you at no cost because JBU has them on a fixed retainer.

PhilanthroCorp’s Estate Specialists are available to review your existing plan or assist in setting up a new estate plan. Contact 800-876-7958 or visit to get started.

How it works

Initial Meeting

Initial 30-40 information gathering and understanding meeting.

Review Proposal

Summary proposal information sent to you for review.

Refine Proposal

Refine the summary proposal with subsequent calls

Draft Estate Plan

PhilanthroCorp will work with an attorney to draft the estate plan.

Finalize Plan

Review and finalize estate plan.