Endowed Scholarships

Providing annual scholarships for students

Endowed Scholarship FAQ's

What is an endowed scholarship?

Endowed scholarships are scholarships created by individuals, families, foundations or groups of donors (such as alumni classes). Scholarship funds are invested in JBU’s endowment and a spending percentage, which is reviewed and set annually by the JBU Board of Trustees, creates the annual scholarship(s) for students with financial need or who meet certain criteria.

How do I create an endowed scholarship?

A minimum of $10,000 is required to create an endowed scholarship. In addition to cash gifts, there are a variety of creative ways to fund a scholarship (maybe a link to ways of giving). JBU works closely with donors so that the terms of the endowed scholarship accomplish the donor’s intent

Current endowed scholarships

For a current list of endowed scholarships, click here.