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Pray. Promote. Provide.

The John Brown University Founder's Circle is a group of dedicated alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of JBU who commit each year to support JBU in three distinct ways:

  • Pray for JBU
  • Promote the university's mission
  • Provide a minimum of $1,000 or more annually to the JBU Scholarship Fund (JBUSF) (need-based aid)

In 1919, founder John E. Brown launched John Brown University to provide a Christian education to students who could not otherwise afford to attend college. Today, the Founder’s commitment continues through the JBU Scholarship Fund, which is 100% dedicated to need-based financial aid and work-study employment for students.

Founder’s Circle members make the majority of this need-based financial aid possible. Without this help, many of our students would not be able to attend JBU.

More than 300 members…supporting over 700 students…every year.
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For more information, contact Lanya Carson at 479.524.7439 or

Frequently asked questions

How will I know what to pray about?

As a Founder's Circle member, you will receive a semi-annual newsletter that contains updates and prayer requests. The JBU website will also feature a page with up-to-date prayer requests for the university.

How does my gift impact students?

The JBU Scholarship Fund provides students with need-based and work-study scholarships while the University Fund strengthens JBU by offsetting operational costs and providing educational equipment.

How do I promote JBU's mission?

Look for ways to promote JBU within your circles of influence. This includes your church, school, workplace, family and friends. JBU has relied on these relationships over the years to help recruit students. When you know of a potential student, tell them about JBU, and in turn, tell JBU about the student for appropriate follow-up.

How do I encourage others to support JBU?

Encourage other JBU alumni and friends to get involved with the Founder's Circle or other giving opportunities. Personal testimonies often provide some of the strongest encouragement for others to give.

Do I need to send my gift right away to join the Founder's Circle?

You can give a one-time gift during the course of the year or you can divide your annual commitment through monthly payments, either by paying online or monthly bank draft. Visit

Join the Founder's Circle