Friendship Fund Endowed Scholarship

Dean Kerns and Don Leetch

Type: Endowed

Donor: Dean Kerns and Don Leetch

Established: 1988

Dean Kerns served as a member of the Development Committee during his 15 years of service on the JBU Board of Trustees (1986-2010.)  He was also a member of JBU’s Center for Marriage and Family Studies Advisory Board.  Dean co-founded DaySpring Cards with Don Leetch. DaySpring moved from California to Siloam Springs in 1979.    He and his late wife, Ruth, have two children, Darren and Karen, who both graduated from JBU. He and his second wife, Carol, were members of the Outreach Center Church when Dean passed away in 2018.

Don and Leola Leetch were married in 1952 in California. They were also members of Outreach Center Church.  They have 3 children, Donna, David and Deanna.  Deanna attended JBU. Both Dean and Don were active members of the community and supporters of JBU.  Don passed away in 2014.