Walt and Margaret Siemens Endowed Scholarship

Don and Cynthia Siemens

Type: Endowed

Donor: Don and Cynthia Siemens

Established: 2011

In honor of Walt and Margaret Siemens, Don and Cindi Siemens created this endowed scholarship to assist deserving JBU athletes and missionary kids.  After serving the military in World War II, Walt graduated from JBU in 1949 with a degree in Biblical Studies.   He was selected as the outstanding JBU athlete for both 1947 and 1948.  After serving most of his working life as a public school administrator, Walt served 17 years as a JBU professor and administrator.  Margaret Walton Siemens Weathers graduated from JBU summa cum laude in 1947 with a degree in Music.  After a short stint as a JBU teacher, Margaret embraced the role of homemaker, investing in the lives of their nine children.  All nine of the Siemens’ children graduated from JBU:  Don (1972), Walta Hattaway (1972), Rosanne Redditt (1975), Dan (1977), Lyn Spencer (1979), Doug (1980), David (1984), Jan Kimball (1986), and Dwight (1988).  Walt and Margaret supported JBU Athletics and have been faithful in financially supporting several JBU graduates who serve/served as missionaries.

A two-time member of the JBU Sports Hall of Fame, Don, and his wife, Cindi, believe in the value of a robust athletic department at JBU.  After a career of teaching and coaching in public high schools and 28 years as a JBU professor in Education and Mathematics, Don has seen the struggles that athletes face in balancing athletics and academics.  Once an athlete’s eligibility and scholarship support is over, it becomes difficult for him/her to afford the last semester or two in order to finish his/her degree at JBU. It took Don five-and-one-half years to complete his undergraduate degree in engineering.

For the 1993-1994 academic year, Don and Cindi used their sabbatical from JBU to move their family to Manila, Philippines, where they worked at Faith Academy, the world’s largest missionary kids’ school.  Since that time, over 40 students from Faith Academy have attended JBU. In forging friendships with these students and their parents, Don and Cindi have become keenly aware of the financial needs of MKs who are trying to complete a JBU degree. Don passed away in 2019.