Mildred Martin Patterson Endowed Scholarship for Music Students

Mildred Martin Patterson

Type: Endowed

Donor: Mildred Martin Patterson

Established: 1990

Mildred Martin enrolled at John E. Brown College in 1923 after the Founder had heard her sing at one of his evangelistic campaigns in eastern Tennessee.  Upon his insistence that she come to his college, Mildred ventured forth at age 16, traveling alone by train to an unfamiliar location.  Mildred earned an English degree from John Brown College. Later, she served for 46 years teaching and serving as assistant superintendent at Knox County Public Schools.  For 25 years she directed the choir of the First Christian Church at Knoxville.

When this scholarship was first awarded, Mildred stated:  “A lifetime ago, in fact 68 years ago, I came to John Brown College as a freshman…the philosophy upon which the school was founded was as strong then as it is today.  We had an excellent faculty, a wonderful student body and an atmosphere which promoted learning and Christian cooperation.  I hope this music scholarship which I have started will help students to develop talent and appreciation for music as I was helped so many years ago.”