Gary and Carrie Oliver Endowed Scholarship

Windgate Charitable Foundation

Type: Endowed

Donor: Windgate Charitable Foundation

Established: 2007

This scholarship was created to memorialize Carrie Oliver and to honor Gary Oliver.  Carrie Oliver went home to be with the Lord on July 2, 2007 after a two-year battle with cancer.  Gary and Carrie led full lives together, enjoying speaking, training, teaching, writing, counseling and impacting people’s lives.  Gary and Carrie have both authored and co-authored several books.  Gary directs the Center for Relationship Enrichment, an endowed center at John Brown University, is a Professor of Psychology and Practical Theology and is a nationally known speaker and author who has been victorious over several bouts with cancer.  The Olivers lost their son, Matt, in May 2007.  Gary said at Carrie’s memorial service, “Carrie and I didn’t understand why I had all of my cancers, why she was allowed to have cancer…why Matt was allowed to die…But Carrie was clear that the purpose of our life as a couple and her life as an individual was to somehow manifest the difference that Jesus can make in a life and marriage and family, to somehow demonstrate that circumstances don’t determine ultimate reality (even when those circumstances include a deadly diagnosis) and to somehow show that God is not just a promise maker but also a promise keeper.  Carrie decided that her diagnosis didn’t change the goodness, grace and mercy of her Lord and didn’t change her ability to choose to live however many days she had to the fullest in loving, being loved and serving…in being faithful.”