Paul and Linda Thomas Galyean Endowed Scholarship

Paul and Linda Galyean

Type: Endowed

Donor: Paul and Linda Galyean

Established: 2008

Paul and Linda Galyean thank Dr. John E. Brown Sr. for his “Love of God” in 1919 that established John Brown University.  They also thank their parents, Audrey and Eilene Thomas, Clifton and Darline Galyean, for being their best friends and always helping us along life’s way.  The Galyeans feel truly blessed and “In Everything Give Thanks.”  As graduates of JBU they know first-hand the value of a college that provides a threefold education “Head, Heart and Hand.”  They give to JBU because they put their “Hope in God” who richly provides for them. The Galyeans give to JBU with humility and confidence that their gift will help students along life’s way, and that students will someday multiply their gift by helping others at JBU.  “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”  Paul and Linda’s prayer is that the students of JBU remember the past and look forward to the future and “In Everything Give Thanks.”