Donald D. and E. Jeanette Brown Endowed Scholarship

Donald and Jeanette Brown

Type: Endowed

Donor: Donald and Jeanette Brown

Established: 1998

Don and Jeanette met in Indiana.  Jeanette went to Bethel College and then the two were married.  Don had spent time in the military before going to college.   Don attended Bob Jones University for 2 years and then finished at JBU.  While Don and Jeanette were at JBU, they lived in a trailer at the bottom of the 100 steps but stayed active in campus activities.  After graduation, they spent a year at KGER, JBU's California radio station. Don earned a doctorate and worked in the medical field as an administrator for 30 years.  The Browns were grateful for JBU’s commitment to the Gospel of Christ and the educational philosophy of educating the Head, Heart, and Hand.  It is because of this commitment that they created an endowed scholarship to help educate students to be "full-time Christians" in whatever work and career they choose.  Jeanette was promoted to heaven in June, 2007. Don passed away in 2019.