Mobile Ordering

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Mobile Ordering - Opens Monday, August 30 in Kresge and California Cafe

Announcing the Eatable app! This is a FREE food ordering and payment app for students, faculty, and staff at JBU.

What is Eatable?

It's a FREE mobile food ordering and payment app that is offered to students, faculty, and staff through JBU Dining Services.

How do I get the Eatable app?

Download the free "Eatable by Creative Dining" app from your app store. Open the app, take a selfie, and add your ID card information for payment. In order for it to work with your meal plan, you must enter the RFID number. It's the first 5 digits on the back bottom of your JBU ID card.

You can also add a credit card if you want a backup payment method. Eatable will first use a swipe from your meal plan, then the backup payment type, if needed. Declining balance or credit card transactions is an option for students, faculty, and staff.

What is Mobile Ordering?

The app enables you to order food on the go and pay with your meal plan, declining balance, or credit card. You order the food and we tell you when it's ready for pickup.

Where do I pick up my mobile orders?

For Kresge orders, go to the outside entrance facing Walker. You never have to step foot into the dining hall! For California Cafe orders, pick up there.

What else does the Eatable app do?

  • You can use the app to swipe a meal in Kresge Dining Hall or California Cafe.
  • Check your balance
  • Check the daily menu
  • Ask questions and provide feedback