Archives Mission and Services


The John Brown University Archives will collect, preserve, and document artifacts associated with the founding and development of John Brown University, in order to educate and enrich a broad and diverse audience, and foster communication between the University, its employees, students, alumni, and visitors to Siloam Springs and JBU.

The JBU Archives collects materials related to the history of the university and the life and ministry of its founder, John E. Brown, Sr., and his family. See below for a representative list of holdings. Archives staff welcome inquiries about university history and related subjects. 

In addition to supporting scholarly research using the university’s archival materials, the archives supports the instructional mission of the university by providing students with information about JBU’s heritage, principally through the Gateway Seminar in Christian Scholarship that all traditional undergraduate students take during their first semester at JBU. The archives also provides work study and internship opportunities for students interested in archival preservation and research, especially those who are pursuing the minor in Museum Studies

For archival questions or to make an appointment to review archival materials, please contact the Archives Coordinator, Marikit Schwartz Fain, at 479-524-7207 or Drop-in visitors are welcome at the archives during regular office hours, but archives staff will be better prepared to assist researchers with advanced notice of the nature of the inquiry. The archives is located in the Alumni Welcome Center, 1635 Holly Place.

Until further notice, access to the archives for JBU students, faculty, and staff is by appointment only, and the archives is closed to the general public. Please contact the archives coordinator with any inquiries. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Our holdings include:

  • Back issues of university publications (Threefold Advocate, Brown Bulletin, The Lantern, yearbooks from the various Brown Schools)
  • Brown family files & artifacts
  • Collections of various audio-visual media (audio cassettes, audio reel-to-reels, LPs, video cassettes, CDs, etc.) from John E. Brown Sr.'s radio talks, school chapel services, theatrical productions and select choir performances
  • Boxed and preserved artifacts from each of the Brown Schools, including John Brown Academy, Brown Military Academy of the Ozarks, Julia A. Brown School for Children, Glendora School for Girls, Brown Military Academy (San Diego) and Southern California Military Academy
  • Alumni Association, Faculty Association and Trustees files
  • Scrapbooks and memorabilia collected by former employees and students
  • Special collections of rare or personal items from some of the school's emeriti, friends and alumni, including Armais Arutunoff, Stearns Gardner, Jesse H. Jones, Agnes Moorhead, Rev. Wilson White, Mac Givens, John P. Mayfield, Dr. Mabel Oiesen, Tom Whiteside, Dr. Dorothy Woodland and Dr. John Panage
  • Photos, publications, and memorabilia concerning local and regional history