The Early Commit Track

On-Campus Undergraduate Admissions

What is the Early Commit Track?

How do I commit early?

  1. Apply and be admitted to JBU

  2. Visit JBU

    Visiting is vital to making a confident college decision. Certain exceptions may be granted due to extenuating circumstances.

  3. Request an early financial aid offer

    Because the FAFSA is not available until late December 2023 and schools cannot receive FAFSAs until February, we encourage you to use the two-step Early Offer Request process in order to know what your JBU financial aid package will include. If you do not intend to receive any aid other than an academic scholarship, please inform your Admissions Counselor so that they can move the financial aid process forward without the Early Offer.

  4. Submit your enrollment deposit

    The date you deposit sets your class registration priority, so the earlier, the better. In addition to reserving your spot in the incoming class, it also covers your orientation fee.

  5. Commit to JBU!

    Once you complete steps 1–4, you are eligible to make an official commitment to JBU and lock in the perks of the Early Commit Track! Once you commit to JBU, you are expected to withdraw all other college applications and refrain from submitting new applications.

Is financial aid affected?

No, your participation in the Early Commit Track does not affect the amount of financial aid offered to you.

However, keep in mind that if you are eligible to compete for one of JBU's competitive scholarships, you’ll want to do so in the fall so that you have your early financial aid offer in hand by the Early Commit Track deadline in February.

Similarly, if you are planning to apply for an art, music or theatre scholarship, you'll want to have turned in your portfolio or auditioned by December 1. This timeline will enable you to find out about those scholarships before the Early Commit Track deadline.

What deadlines should I be aware of?

Date Deadline
Jan. 1 Deadline to apply and be eligible to participate in the Early Commit Track.
Jan. 15 Deadline to submit your Net Price Calculator results and request an early financial aid offer.
Feb. 1 Deadline to complete the Early Commit process and sign the Early Commit form

*If you are interested in the Early Commit Track and haven't requested an early financial aid offer as of January 15, contact your admissions counselor to discuss your situation.