Early Commit Track

Commit to JBU by January and enjoy peace of mind (plus a few perks)

If you are certain JBU is the right school for you, you should consider the Early Commit Track.

When you commit to JBU on this accelerated timeline, you'll enjoy priority housing placement, early class registration and peace of mind knowing your college decision is made!

Commit to JBU

How does the Early Commit Track work?

What is the Early Commit Track?

The Early Commit Track is an accelerated college decision timeline for students who are certain JBU is the right school for them and are ready to commit to JBU by mid-January.

Once you commit to JBU, you are expected to withdraw applications from other colleges and not submit any new applications.

What are the benefits?

If you commit to JBU on this accelerated timeline, you will enjoy priority housing placement and early class registration.


Early Commit Timeline

Regular Timeline

Housing placement



Class registration



You'll also receive exclusive invitations to events and programs just for Early Commit students and have peace of mind knowing that your college decision is made!

How do I participate?

To be eligible to commit to JBU through the Early Commit Track, you must complete the following steps:

Once you have completed those steps, you are eligible to make an official commitment to JBU and lock in the perks of the Early Commit Track!

Commit to JBU

What deadlines should I be aware of?


Deadline for Fall 2022

File the FAFSA

December 1, 2021*

Officially commit to JBU

January 14, 2022

*If you are interested in the Early Commit Track and haven't submitted your FAFSA as of December 1, contact your admissions counselor to discuss your situation. 

Is financial aid affected?

No, the amount of financial aid offered to you is not affected by your participation in the Early Commit Track.

However, keep in mind that if you are eligible to compete for one of JBU's competitive scholarships, you’ll want to compete in the fall so that you have your complete financial aid offer in hand by the Early Commit Track deadline in January.

Similarly, if you are planning to apply for an art, music or theatre scholarship, you’ll want to have turned in your portfolio or auditioned by December 1 so you can find out about those scholarships before the Early Commit Track deadline.