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College Consensus ranks John Brown University's online undergraduate program as the #1 Best Online College in Arkansas.




As you acquire knowledge and skill at JBU, you’ll find yourself inspired to relentlessly pursue your primary calling – to bear the image of God.

You can earn your bachelor's degree 100% online in the following areas:

4+1 = Master's Degree

With JBU's Accelerated Master's Program, you can maximize your return on investment and get a head start on your graduate degree. You can pair certain undergraduate programs with master’s programs and earn both degrees in as little as a year after earning your bachelor's degree from JBU.

(M.S. in Counseling takes 2 years vs. the traditional 3.)

Faith + learning

For Christians, faith and learning are inseparable. At JBU, you'll be encouraged to follow Jesus and serve others in all areas of life.

Engaging classes

Just because your courses are online doesn't mean the learning is boring. JBU faculty lead Zoom discussions and keep the learning engaging.

Personalized learning

JBU professors get to know you and your goals, so they can personally invest in your growth and success.

Head, Heart & Hand

Education at John Brown University has never been merely academic. John Brown Sr., founder and first president of the institution, was committed to a well-rounded philosophy of studies that focused on the holistic development of students.

"Emphasis should be placed equally on the head, heart and hands," Brown said. "If we neglect any of these in our teaching, the result will be an unbalanced person."


John Brown Sr.'s goal from the start was to provide the university he founded with a solid academic core, and throughout his lifetime, he founded multiple schools with this philosophy. Thousands of alumni have been enriched with a quality education at JBU because of John Brown Sr.'s dedication.


In addition to having academic and vocational opportunities, John Brown Sr. wanted students to be exposed to the Bible for a complete educational experience. With the rich heritage of Brown's faith, the University whose motto is "Christ Over All" continues to stand firm in the ways of the God whom Brown was committed to serving.


Good, hard work is essential and healthy, Brown believed; thus he wanted his institution to stand apart from ones that thought good education avoid labor. Majors from biology to business to broadcasting place great emphasis on the practical, realistically preparing students today to meet the challenges of tomorrow's workforce.

The future you starts at JBU.

Equip yourself for a successful career and a life of purpose.