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If you are unsure which area of business you are interested in, the general business major gives you the opportunity to explore all of them. You can then decide to stay in general business or choose from one of our 10 specific majors in the Soderquist College of Business.

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The business department at JBU offers 10 unique majors that can be combined with other programs to develop marketable skills. Many of our students double major in various combinations.

Succeed in a team

Group projects are popular in JBU's business program because they allow you to work with many different people. Through this, you will realize your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and gain experience working with people that learn and think differently than yourself.

Develop versatile skills

The knowledge and processes you learn in business classes can be used in your personal life, starting your own business, or working in the corporate world.

What to expect as a business student at JBU

Learn how to start your own business

At JBU, you will learn how to write successful marketing plans, develop important financial statements, and approach business in a way that honors God, serves others and impacts the world.

Meet new people through networking

Through student organizations, your classes and the professors you encounter, you will have a chance to meet innovative people who are dedicated to transforming business.

Combine business with other majors

Students majoring in other fields can bring unique skills to business courses when they minor in business and can learn valuable skills that will help them in their major field.

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Accounting equips students with the skills they need to succeed by teaching them how to help an organization understand its financial standing and advise the organization on achieving financial goals.

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Data analytics

The top companies in the world use data to make decisions every day. In JBU’s data analytics program, students will learn the skills to research, analyze and present information to impact those decisions.

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Economics equips students with a broad understanding of how resources are used to produce the goods and services we purchase and the major impact this has on society.

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Entrepreneurship & innovation

Entrepreneurship & innovation students will practice identifying opportunities, designing models, creating prototypes, and pitching ideas to customers so that they can succeed in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship.

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The finance program teaches students to be strategic problem-solvers who can communicate clearly. With financial management, financial planning, and portfolio analysis skills, you'll be prepared to get the certifications you'll need for numerous career path options.

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Integrated marketing communications

IMC students will learn a unique combination of marketing, communications, graphic design, and data analytics. They will learn to create a cohesive message that resonates with consumers, drive effective ad campaigns, and measure effectiveness.

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International business

International business equips students with the skills to succeed in international and multicultural business contexts while developing a global perspective.

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In the management program, students learn from experienced and knowledgeable faculty about how to balance the "things of production" with the "humanity of production."

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JBU's marketing program combines real-world experience with the study of contemporary marketing and retailing theory.

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Dr. Joe Walenciak

Dr. Joe Walenciak holds a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from the University of Arkansas and has been a member of the business faculty at John Brown University since 1982. During that time, he has taught business classes in the undergraduate, online and graduate programs. He has also chaired the undergraduate, graduate and online business programs and is currently serving as the Dean of the College of Business.

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