Dr. April Moreton


Dr. April Moreton

Adjunct Instructor, Higher Education
Senior Director of Development

Ph.D., University of North Texas
M.A., Dallas Theological Seminary
B.Mus., Texas Christian University


Dr. April Moreton enjoys teaching for JBU because she has the opportunity to closely interact with students, share her educational story, and encourage students in higher education.  She also enjoys keeping in touch with students after class.

One of the highlights of Dr. Moreton's teaching experience was having students in her first class engage in lively debate over a topic that she raised.  "It was exciting observing and participating in the discussion and watching as students were challenged to re-think preconceived ideas or challenged to back their philosophies rigorously," said Dr. Moreton.

To date, Dr. Moreton has taught Leadership and Diversity and History and Philosophy of American Higher Education for JBU's graduate business programs. 


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