Employer Information

Employer Declines

List of possible* reasons your request to connect with us on Handshake might be denied or your job posting might be denied:

  • Job Postings did not follow our Recruiting Policy which can be found on the employer page of our website (www.jbu.edu/cdc).
  • Internships do not follow NACE qualifications for a paid or unpaid internship. See our employer website for internship qualifications (jbu.edu/cdc)
  • Your organization has a low trust score on Handshake.
  • Not enough information was given in the initial employer approval form. We are unable to exhaustively research organizations and must have as much information available at the time of approval such as website address, physical address, full company description, LinkedIn and/or Facebook account links etc.
  • Website did not match email domain.
  • Website address was a Facebook or LinkedIn account.
  • Website was unprofessional (missing links, misspellings, grammatical errors, not enough information, not working, security warning, foul language etc.)
  • You did not provide enough information to verify that your organization is legitimate.
  • Address on google leads to a warehouse, storage unit, residential home, or is difficult to verify as a place of business.
  • Your organization has been flagged on Handshake by another user. There could be various reasons such as those listed here or a negative university or student experience.
  • John Brown University students have had a negative experience at your company.
  • Volunteer positions were being posted. We do not use our job board for volunteer positions. Job postings must either be a professional job or internship. We accept fellowships and graduate opportunities as well.
  • Job postings required payment from our students. We do approve some organizations that require payment but there must be a significant reason and benefit to our students (outside of experience) clearly defined to be approved.
  • Job postings required students to download an application to their mobile devices.
  • Job postings required students to give personal information such as their social security number, bank account or student i.d. that could be used for fraudulent purposes.
  • Website was not in English. With limited language resources, we are unable to research and verify your organization.
  • Organization values or job postings do not line up with JBU values either in our student handbook or in our employee handbook.
  • You are a third-party and job postings are not meeting our third-party requirements.
  • John Brown University does not carry the degree that your job posting requires.
  • Employer description or job postings were unprofessional (Grammatical or spelling errors, confusing, inconsistent, or foul language).
  • Career Development did not see your job posting as being beneficial for our students.
  • Job postings did not provide room for growth and/or did not require the pursuit of a college degree.
  • Unable to verify the information listed such as phone number, website, etc.
  • Job postings included setting up tables at our university to sell products or promote
  • your organization on a regular basis or jobs that are selling products door-to-door or through home parties.
  • Job postings required the student to send in a photo.
  • The salary is unusually high or the salary range is very wide. Deemed a possible scam.
  • The company description exaggerates the number of employees, but upon investigation, there are only a small number of employees.
  • JBU students or other university students received spam email from your organization.
  • The employer or job posting did not seem legit or was deemed a possible scam.

*There could be other reasons listed outside of this exhaustive list.

If you are declined and able to explain or adjust your employer approval or job postings based on what you think may have caused your denial, please feel free to send us a note to cdc@jbu.edu to reevaluate your approval.