Summer Camps

Cinema Summer Camps

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Sunday                       Check in – 4:00pm          Meet and greet

Monday                      Workshop 9-11:30am       (Meet the Director/Table Read w/Actors)           

                                   Workshop 2-4:30pm        (Location Scout/Pre-Production Planning)

Tuesday                     Workshop 9-11:30am       (Shooting “Day One” Exteriors)

                                   Workshop 2-4:30pm        (Shooting “Day Two” Interiors)

Wednesday               Workshop 9-11:30am       (Pick-ups/Transcoding/Syncing/Edit Prep)

                                   Afternoon                       Field trip to Rockhill Studios/Pizza?

Thursday                   Workshop 9-11:30am       (Assembly Cut to Rough Cut)

                                  Workshop 2-4:30pm        (Test Screening to Final Cut)

Friday                        Final presentations/exhibits, checkout 1:30pm


THE SCHEDULE – Five days from Script to Screen

SUNDAY – Student Filmmakers arrive at JBU mid-afternoon on Sunday and get checked into their dorms, have dinner, and then a meet & greet with Producer/Faculty Member Steve Snediker and JBU teaching assistants, who are current JBU students.  Finish off the night with the screening of Academy Award winning short films and early to bed.


MONDAY – After breakfast, team members will meet the Director and Actors for a table-read of the screenplay followed by director’s notes.  Then department heads will offer their breakdowns and production priorities will be outlined. Finally, assignments will be made to various departments and we break for lunch.  Departments will meet to complete location scouting, scheduling, equipment rental, and pre-production paperwork (call-sheets, logs, etc.).  After dinner will be free time in and around campus.


TUESDAY – Principle Photography “day” will be treated as two.  After breakfast, weather-permitting, “Day One” will be exteriors in the morning before it gets too warm, a break for lunch and then “Day Two” will be interiors during the afternoon.  Prepare for a late wrap, so dinner will be brought in and served in true craft service style…on-set.  This will be a LONG, FUN DAY.   Make sure you bring closed-toe shoes and leather work gloves.


WEDNESDAY – After a breakfast, the morning will be spent doing necessary pick-ups from “Day One” or “Day Two” (or possibly shooting exteriors pushed due to weather), as well as editing preparations (transcoding, syncing audio, auditioning music, building titles, etc.).  Break for Lunch and then jump in vans to head off to tour Rockhill Studios, the regional soundstage that hosted True Detective – Season Three and pizza with regional filmmakers, producers, casting agent and directors.  Return to JBU for the night.


THURSDAY – After Breakfast, we head to the Mac Labs to edit our masterpiece.  Each student filmmaker will work on their own “cut” of the film with the help of our staff, aiming for a rough cut by lunch.  Two or three rough cuts will be selected by the producer & staff, which we will test screen during our lunch hour in our screening room. The faculty and staff will share notes and give direction on music, titles, credits, etc.  The afternoon will be spent in post-production teams, finalizing the cut to “picture-lock”, color grading, sound mixing, and laying in production music tracks, titles, and credits.  Break for dinner, followed by free-time (or a late-night session doing a 5.1 surround mix).


FRIDAY - Last day of Academy. Breakfast, followed by packing up personal things, and a final gala screening of the finished "cuts" of our short film. Not quite a red carpet event, but close. Final Lunch together and our goodbyes.