Grad: Counseling Excellence In Caring

Christ-centered perspective promotes authenticity and builds confidence.


Emma Myers (Student): I love the fact, just the fact that it feels like a personal journey. It’s like a process, more than just assignments.
Katie Robertson (Student): The professors really invest in the curriculum that they’re teaching, and take the time to plan out discussions that are really meaningful for students.
Emma Myers (Student): I love the fact that there’s such a God-centered perspective.
Noel Johnson (Student): The combination of the best information out there with Biblical perspective, and I feel like John Brown gives me that.
Geoffrey Reddick (Graduate): There’s a level of authenticity and openness and respect that you… won’t get from anywhere else.
Karol Williams (Student): Counseling is a front row seat that God gave me to watch Him move. And I get to be there. And He shows up.
Katie Robertson (Student): They challenge you to think about things in ways that you haven’t thought about them before.
Geoffrey Reddick (Graduate): One of the big things you learn is what makes this make sense. If I were in that person’s shoes, that same context, that same scenario that he’s in, I would be doing the same thing.
Emma Myers (Student): I feel like this program is more focused on preparing me to do a job. Preparing me to be who I need to be to be a good counselor.
Geoffrey Reddick (Graduate): I was able to receive three offers for doctorate programs across the country, and John Brown was the reason for that.
Karol Williams (Student): It opened not a door, it opened a universe to me. And I would have never, ever, been able to do that if I would have not had the confidence that the master’s degree has given me.