Graduate School Special Ed

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In the early years of teaching, I didn't have enough tools in my toolbox. The more I taught, the more conferences I went to, the more workshops I went to, going back and getting my master's degree I increased my toolbox. Teaching is not a skill that comes naturally, it's a skill that has to be learned. The more I learned, the better and more effective I became. No one goes into teaching for the pay, you go into it as a calling. I was just drawn to Special Ed, I realized with time that's where my talents, and my gifts lie. All students can learn, all students can grow. Our students in special education might take longer. I get to have them year after year after year and so I'm building the relationship with that child, I'm building the relationship with the family. When it does get difficult, and you're doing your best, and your best isn't enough, and everyone's struggling. It takes time, but the hope is still there, that child can still make progress, that child can learn. One of the students that I worked with had many medical challenges, physical challenges but loved school. Absolutely loved school. And to see him try and want to be there, encouraged me to give my best. I'm always going to be there everyday, ready to teach him, because he was ready to learn.