2016 Serve Siloam

Each year incoming students participate in Serve Siloam where they do various service projects in our community.


Sarah Erdman:
So Serve Siloam is an event that’s gone on for quite some time. It used to be called Day of Caring, and then it switched over to Serve Siloam several years ago. And it's a great event that really introduces the new students to the culture of serving. Our motto of Head, Heart, Hand, it really goes in the Hand aspect of that, so that students start off orientation week serving alongside faculty and staff and members of our community. So this year we have a ton of sites, 37 sites that we sent 400 students to, plus all of our orientation leaders and our faculty and staff volunteers. And it was great! We had a lot of community members this year, we worked with churches to get connected with community members that needed assistance, and I've gotten emails and phone calls thanking us for coming out and really being a part, they were able to serve alongside our students, which I heard from students they really enjoyed. And then we were able to help area businesses as well, do cleanup in downtown, just beautifying the community and the areas that we live in, and I think it's a really cool way for students to connect in a very practical way to Siloam. It's easy to stay in the JBU community, but really being able to connect them with churches and with community members, I think is a cool way to allow students to engage in our community outside of JBU.