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Rodney Holstrom:
There's always those questions when you go into it,'Am I cut out for this? Can I do this? Is this going to be too much with a full-time job?' etc.
But the way they line out the syllabus, the way the professors work with you,the way you're able to interact with other students,
I learned real quickly that John Brown is something that I can do
and I can do well with it because I'm being set up for success.
Hi, I'm Rodney Holmstrom. I'm in the graduate counseling program for Marriage & Family Therapy
with a specialization in Mental Health.
You walk in with a hunger to learn and these professors,
they make you feel like you count.
And when they share their wealth of knowledge, they aren't just book-smart
they've sat many many many hours with clients.
And I think to be able to hear from somebody that has that knowledge,
that has been where we are getting ready to go, I think gives a lot of credibility.
It puts us at ease as students.
It just feels a little more down to earth.
Like a family atmosphere
There's not a mentality or attitude that I'm better than you or a competition.
John Brown has an emphasis in bringing the Christian element
into the counseling and there's a strong emphasis on taking care of me first.
I can't give what I haven't already received myself first.